About Us

Four Seasons International Consultants offers comprehensive long and short term partnerships with our clients in their growth and change efforts. Our services are always individualized to the unique culture and needs of our client. Specific examples of components of programs that are either woven into larger projects or can be made to stand alone are described under Workshops and Facilitated Change Programs. We pride ourselves for the passion that we bring to our work. We have a desire to work with those who share that excitement and commitment and, just as we expect to be assessed before we are hired, we appreciate and value the opportunity to interview the prospective client to determine whether we are a match. Finally, evaluation is built into all programs in which we are involved.


David Wayne

David Wayne, has a Ph.D. in IMG_3955croppsychology with post-doctoral specialties in both organizational and clinical practice and an advanced certificate in psychiatry.  He has written books on leadership and education, worked as a college dean at two universities, run an international consulting company, been a professional soccer referee and ran a cooking school as a hobby.



Matthew Pillsbury

Matthew brings more than 14 years of experience in operations, finance, nonprofit management anMPillsbury leadership maine photo 5.28.15-2d international development to Four Seasons.  An innovative problem solver, Matthew uses an analytical approach to create flexible and sustainable solutions to organizational challenges.  He is passionate about the sharing of ideas and experiences and truly believes in thinking global and acting local.

Jenifer Van Deusen

Jenifer holds a B.S in Early E1872442ducation and an M.Ed. in Educational Administration. She has served as a classroom teacher, a state department of education consultant, a creator of grant-funded statewide programs and services for teachers, the curriculum director for a school district and as an educational specialist in a family medicine residency. Jen currently serves as curriculum director for the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.  When she’s not working, you can find Jen gardening, playing her dulcimer, experimenting with drawing or exploring inner or outer frontiers.



Eric Kuntz

Eric is 322ec01the team’s resident technology expert with a background in online learning platforms, project management, data analytics, educational informatics, training and team development. Through his work with Apple as a trainer,  as a medical school academic technology administrator and as a software developer Eric provides broad range of experience in helping organizations understand how to adapt to and take advantage of an increasing data rich and technologically complex environment. Eric is also a experienced figurative painter and when not spending his free time with his family he can be found in his studio.