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Four Seasons continues alliance and work with A. T. Still University of Health Sciences 

In 1998 Four Seasons CEO, Dr. David Wayne was asked to do some private consulting with A. T. Still University’s Arizona School of Health Sciences and, later, Arizona’s first dental school, the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health.  At that time the work included helping the schools with strategic planning and capacity building plus developing and providing behavioral health components to their programs.  In 2007, David was invited to join the School of Health Sciences as the Associate Dean.  There he was responsible for assessment, accreditation and staff development. In addition, he was given an Associate Professorship in the dental school.  Within a short time, the work with the two schools evolved into more of a university wide position, including chairing the university wiide assessment committee and joining the university wide strategic planning effort, plus facilitating many planning groups and creating a campus-wide faculty and staff learning system.

A. T. Still University is 120 years old and is the founding school of osteopathic medicine.  Andrew Taylor Still, after whom the university is named, was an MD who believed that medicine should treat the whole person and not just a specific symptom.  The university, based in Missouri, developed a campus in Arizona 16 years ago and is continuing its expansion efforts with a new dental school coming into Missouri in 2013 with requests from cities including San Diego for additional expansion. The Arizona dental school, for example, is already considered one of the most advanced and innovative schools in the world in its approach to oral health care.  In following the mission of the university, almost half of its graduates go on to serve the underserved across the U.S. The university also has two medical schools.  The Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine is developing a new curriculum and is considered the foremost training site for osteopathic manipulation therapy.  The School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona is considered by many to be the most innovative medical school in the country.  Students spend one year on campus and then, under the direct supervision of a regional faculty, plus extensive online interactive courses, complete their final three years at community health centers. Using a learning centered approach, rather than traditional lectures, these physicians end up with outstanding experience plus clinical skills.  The Arizona School of Health Sciences is a repository for lifelong learning for a variety of graduate level health care programs including master’s and doctoral degrees in audiology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic medicine and physician assisting.  They also offer transitional courses for professionals in these areas to obtain more advanced degrees.  The school offers a doctor of health sciences for a large group of working professionals.  Finally, the School of Health Management, has graduate degree programs, all online, in more general health care arenas including public health.

In 2010, Dr. Wayne moved from his dean’s position to a newly created department responsible for all academic affiars across the university in all its locations and across the schools and college.  Still encouraging him to run and offer programs through Four Seasons, the marriage of becoming a senior university administrator and private consulting has provided a unique opportunity to practice innovation and excellence. Under his leadership, te unversity has become the only post-graduate university in the U.S., and possibly the world, for all graduates, regardless of their field of study, to graduate with key transferable skills including those of cultural competence, positive interpersonal communications skills, leadership, training, an understanding and practice of interprofessional collaboration, health promotion, critical thinking, ethical and legal understanding, and self-assessment and reflective practice.  This translates into graduates who go well beyond clinical skills.  In addition, David is happy to have been able to facilitate and help lead a strategic planning effort that will not “sit on a shelf and gather dust” but will help the university become pre-eminent in its health science programs.

Leadership Training and Development

In July and August of 2012, Dr. Wayne was admitted to, participated in and completed the Institute for Eductional Management at Harvard University.  With 99 other participants from the most senior positions in colleges and universities from around Canada and the United States, plus several other countries, David examined all aspects of educational leadership.



Continuing Work with the Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance 

Started in 2005, Four Seasons has watched its work with the Sustainable Global Leadership Alliance grow to where, in addition to time in its headquarters in New Mexico, the programs offered have expanded to Texas and Pennsylvania. The SGLA fosters community understanding and leadership in global sustainability and, after intensive training, takes groups to third world companies as part of the learning process. They return to their local communities and are expected to establish and lead various efforts in sustainability.  On a hiatus in 2011, the SGLA is an important grass roots organization that continues to be in the forefront of innovation.



Dr. Wayne was honored to help edit and review a book by author, therapist, mediator and artist, Barbara Kennedy. The book, which examines “male menopause” and beyond in our ever-changing environment, is a recommended, compelling work for men who find themselves alone after 50.


2007 National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants 

David Wayne facilitates Board retreat for the Board of the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.  Team development and strategic planning were the focal points of this three day retreat in Sedona of a large Board composed of Physician Assistants, Physicians and community representatives from across North America.



2006 – 2007 Four Seasons Visits Asia and continues newest work 

David Wayne presented a seminar in Singapore at the International Association of Facilitators’ Asian conference. This groundbreaking training, called “Beyond Methods”, looked at organizational development and change from a biological, sociological, psychological and mythological perspective. An expansion of a seminar done in Germany in 2005, participants came from eight countries in Asia, as well as Australia. David also conducted a seminar on personalities and their impact on facilitation and planning to 80 participants from over a dozen countries. The largest audience for any seminar at the conference, evaluations were outstanding. A similar workshop was presented by Dr. Wayne at the U.S. meeting of the International Association of Facilitators in Portland, Oregon in 2007

David has been asked to return back to Asia in 2009 to offer several programs on organizational change.



2006-2007 Chair of the Board of the International Association of Facilitators 

In June, 2006, David Wayne completed his term as Chair of the Board of the International Association of Facilitators and moved into the role as Past Chair. In that capacity he remains on the Board’s Executive and is responsible for nominations of future Board members. In addition, he has regularly written for the Associations’ “Global Flipchart”, the “e-zine” of the group. As part of the Executive he  attended and participated in the July conference in Malaysia.



2006 Work with Maricopa County Superior Court concludes 

After nearly two years of working with the Juvenile Court system in the fastest growing community in the U.S., an intensive session with Superior Court Judges and community leaders culminated in a detailed plan to help move the County forward despite limited financing and a huge influx of new residents. The Court Administrator commented in a letter to the consultants: “ You did a wonderful job in bringing diverse groups together, helping us plan and move forward. Thank you for a job well done”.



2006 Free Arts of Arizona 

While a relatively small job, David truly enjoyed the opportunity of working with the staff of this exciting organization. Free Arts does much in the State to promote the arts through a variety of activities from classes to lobbying efforts to community forums.



2006-2007 Leadership Training Continues for Business and Professional Leaders in Texas 

For the fifth year running Four Seasons brought an intensive two day training, including the powerful SIMSOC simulation, to the El Paso Chamber of Commerce’s “Leadership El Paso” group. For 2008, this training was expanded to separate seminars for Youth Leadership as well as community leadership.



2006-2007 Planning Work with the American Jewish Committee 

David was honored to join the Board of Directors of the local American Jewish Committee. Called a “State Department” for its thinking and leadership in international affairs, including immigration reform and in tolerance and reconciliation, David assisted the Board by facilitating a leadership retreat to plan for the coming year, do Board development and team building.



2006 Continuing work with Schools in Planning 

While work went on with several schools throughout 2006, the chance to continue a partnership that went back over five years with All Saints Episcopal Day School was a highlight. This is a private school that has gone through ongoing changes in staff and administration and helping the administration team plan felt like “being home”. That effort was done on under the leadership of the Head of School, Ed Young, who sadly passed away in July after a valiant struggle with cancer. Ed was a visionary, often way ahead of his time, and he will be sorely missed.



2006 Coaching and Psychotherapy 

When David left working as a psychotherapist and devoted himself to organization development work, he thought it unlikely that he would return to these earlier roots. However, whether because of the fast-paced life that leaders find themselves in or the rapidity of change we are experiencing, requests to provide executive coaching and some psychotherapy, as needed, have continued to arise. David took on a few of these on during 2006 and enjoyed working with individuals.


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