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While Four Seasons individually tailors work for each client, the following are examples of sessions that can be stand alones or integrated depending upon the client’s desired goals.

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Each organization is conceived with a unique pattern and purpose so our work must understand and align with that individual culture and its identified needs; * With a proven track record of custom-tailoring events and experiences, our work is fully guaranteed so, if not fully satisfied, the client should not be expected to pay for the service; * Evaluation should be built into every project we participate in as a first, not a last step; * When we, as consultants, leave a client, they should have developed the skills and capacity to continue the work and move it forward; * Four Seasons recognizes that it is not an expert in every field and we are committed to be of service in only those areas where we have excelled and have a positive track record including: Organizational planning, Leadership Development, Health care and Educational innovation.


Four Seasons International Consulting has approximately 125 independent consultants and experts from six continents around the world that it draws from to successfully tailor its work. Depending upon identified need, our Principals put together, supervise and choose a team or individuals appropriate to the project.
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Jenifer Van Deusen

Jenifer holds a B.S in Early Education from Lesley University and Goddard College, an M.Ed. in Educational Administration from the University of Southern Maine, and the additional graduate work at Sonoma State University. She has served as a classroom teacher, a state department of education consultant, a creator of grant-funded statewide programs and services for teachers, the curriculum director for a school district and as an educational specialist in a family medicine residency. Jen currently serves as curriculum director for the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine. When she’s not working, you can find Jen gardening, playing her dulcimer, experimenting with drawing or exploring inner or outer frontiers.
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Eric Kuntz

Eric Kuntz is the team’s resident technology expert and specializes in project implementations, educational informatics, team development and big data planning/analytics.
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Matt Pillsbury

Matthew brings more than 14 years of experience in operations, finance, nonprofit management and international development. An innovative problem solver, Matthew uses an analytical approach to create flexible and sustainable solutions to organizational challenges.
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David Wayne

David Wayne, has a Ph.D. in psychology with post-doctoral specialties in both organizational and clinical practice and an advanced certificate in psychiatry. He has written books on leadership and education, worked as a college dean at two universities, run an international consulting company, been a professional soccer referee and ran a cooking school as a hobby.


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